Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Queries on phone calls or Email's don't convert?

When was the last time you listen to a conversation between your Reservations Desk and Guest?  Conversion and sale are arts and require skillful and responsive people who understand client requirement and act promptly. It requires dedicated efforts and consistent follow ups with potential travelers.  

Q. Why I Need Channel Manager?

Hoteliers working with multiple channels need to manage availability of their rooms and different rates/packages. A channel manager helps them achieve it on one screen. Approx 50% of bookings are happening on OTAs and other distribution channels; hence it's important that Hotel should be available and bookable on every possible point of sale 

Q. Why I Need a Booking Engine?

Chances of a traveler booking through a hotel's website equipped with booking engine and payment gateway is high and is higher if the hotel has positive online reputation. If Rate parity is not an issue, a customer is comfortable booking directly at hotel website instead of some OTAs.

Q. How Revenue Masters will manage my online Reputation?

We will assign a dedicated Online Reputation Manager who will keep a track of every possible reference [reviews, feedback or complaints] of your hotel and will respond to them after discussing with you.